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April 2017 Patient Spotlight

Michael H

Michael H.

In 2012, Michael followed the advice from a friend and surgeon and had an evaluation at Boston PainCare.  He was living with continuous pain and spasms in his neck and back. These symptoms persisted even after multiple spine surgeries and neurosurgical procedures.  He also had new "shock like spasms" from the scar tissue and hardware that at times felt "incapacitating".

After years of coordinating his own care, communicating with providers, and learning about treatment options, he immediately embraced the approach at Boston PainCare.  "Here, I am part of the team. The providers take the time to really listen to their patients.

Michael says he has also experienced first-hand the challenges and stigma that can be associated with chronic pain.  "People can become skeptical or judgmental learning someone has a pain diagnosis or takes any type of pain medication.  Since my first appointment, every staff member has been warm and welcoming".

Living with pain led Michael to become actively involved in initiatives to help others living with pain.  His participation on WCVB Tv's Chronicle episode helped show and educate the community about other options for pain relief, like nerve blocks.  Michael also held a leadership position with a non -profit, national organization dedicated to pain awareness and education.

Although he may never be pain free, Michael remains filled with hope and is grateful for the kindness and care he continues to receive.

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