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October 2017 Patient Spotlight

Karl S.

Karl S.

Karl’s pain journey began when he was 5 and diagnosed with Polio. At the time, the Polio vaccine was distributed when you entered kindergarten. Karl contracted Polio just before he was to get the vaccine. The disease progressed until he was bedridden and had to sleep in a full body cast at night. He was sent home from the hospital and given no hope for recovery. Karl’s mother then sought out alternative therapies and was eventually able to help him get his strength and range of motion back. He was no longer bedridden and even took up ballroom dancing to further improve his balance.

However in 1996, he developed balance issues once again as well as back pain and underwent back surgery. By 2002, he continued to have balance issues and was additionally suffering neck pain. It was at that time that Karl was diagnosed with post-Polio syndrome. A percentage of Polio survivors can, years later, suffer from a relapse of the disease. Karl began having more balance issues and suffered from weakness that resulted in him breaking his leg -- twice. Karl saw many specialists but nothing helped relieve his pain or helped for very long.

By 2009, Karl moved back to Massachusetts and began to have back problems again as well as hip and knee pain as a result of his left leg weakened from the return of the Polio infection. His PCP sent him to pain doctors and orthopedists until 2015, when his NP referred him to Boston PainCare. Karl came to Boston PainCare wearing a leg brace. On good days, he also used a cane. On bad days, he used either a walker or wheelchair. He met with Dr. Silk who gave him hip injections and began seeing Marina and Sarah who worked with him in Med Management.

Karl is happy to say the injections he received at Boston PainCare worked!  He stopped using a cane and then was able to remove his leg brace.  Karl reports that he hasn’t had to use a walker or wheelchair since 2016.  Karl has also seen Dr. Bazoberry for back and neck injections.  His back pain was reduced by 90%, and after just the first set of neck injections, Karl can report that his neck pain has already reduced by 30%. “Dr. Bazoberry has been so wonderful.  So kind and gentle and understanding.”  Thanks to the combined efforts of our staff, Karl states: “I’m able to dance again—and I didn’t think I’d be able to do that.” Additionally, Karl has done a 5 mile walk for Relay for Life. “The time and attention the staff at Boston PainCare, gives me puts me at ease. I have trust which I didn’t have before, and well-founded because of the good results!” Karl says to new patients with chronic pain: “Be honest with your doctors. All of them are kind and understanding. Don’t just go and grab surgery. Check this place out. Come see what your options are because there is hope!”

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