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December 2017 Patient Spotlight

Lydia S.

Lydia S.

Lydia has been a patient of Boston PainCare for the past 2 years. She came to Boston PainCare in January after her doctor at Newton Wellesley Hospital recommended us when they had exhausted all options to help her with her back pain.

Lydia has been a vibrant, healthy woman for most of her adult life. She was a certified nursing assistant since 1965 and only retired 6 years ago. She loves to cook making homemade pizzelles, gnocchi and raviolis. She also enjoys knitting, crocheting, and making centerpieces and wreaths. She’s a tireless volunteer who knits blankets for vets at Spaulding Rehab and confirmation scarves and baby blankets for St. Bernard’s church in Newton.

But a few years ago she started to feel back pain. All those years of standing on her feet and lifting patients had finally caught up with her. When she went to her doctor about the pain, they discovered she had a herniated disc that unfortunately is inoperable. In the meantime, her quality of life worsened. She could no longer clean her house or stand for very long or take walks outside. That was not acceptable to Lydia. She still has a lot of life to live.

Lydia has worked closely with the integrated team at Boston PainCare for two years. She has received epidural shots and radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for her back from Dr. Bazoberry, trigger point injections in her shoulder from Dr. Silk, and she takes part in med management with Marina and Hannah. She is happy to say that thanks to the efforts of her entire team at Boston PainCare, she is back to making pizzelles and volunteering. Lydia says “Take your time. It will work. It won’t work right away, but if you stay active as much as you can, with time and effort and working with your doctors, it will work!”

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